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Developmental Disabilities Waiver

Applicants for, and current participants of, the Supports and Comprehensive Waivers must meet residency, clinical eligibility, and financial eligibility requirements. Specific eligibility information, as well as required assessments and evaluations that will need to be conducted, can be found in the Application Guide for the Supports Waiver.

Community Choice Waiver

Participant direction is an optional service delivery method that offers Community Choices Waiver program participants an alternative to receiving services through traditional provider agencies.  With traditional private agencies, an organization decides within the limits of your service plan, which employee(s) to send out to help you with essential functions of life, such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and meal preparation.  Participant direction means that you have decision making authority over some of your waiver services, such as who you hire to help you with these same essential functions of life and you accept the responsibility for taking a direct role in managing them. You can direct your own services, or you can select someone you trust to direct services on your behalf.

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